NoneType object in getting Nodes status

nodes= client.cluster.nodes(output=‘verbose’)
for the above code, getting
TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable

Using weaviate 1.23.11 version and client 4.5.4 , Kindly help on this.

Making a http request though rest shows shards: null if no shards present in a node and I think this is the reason for the above issue NoneType object not iterable ,Kindly handle this . Thank you

{ "nodes": [ { "batchStats": { "queueLength": 0, "ratePerSecond": 0 }, "gitHash": "unknown", "name": "weaviate-0", "shards": null, "stats": { "objectCount": 0, "shardCount": 0 }, "status": "HEALTHY", "version": "1.23.11" }] }

Hi @Dharanish !!

Cool :sunglasses: I fixed this one myself a while ago:

You’ll need to upgrade your client version to latest, preferably.

This happens when there is an empty collection, if I recall.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:


Nice @dudanogueira thank you✌️

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