How can we extract AWS backup-restore parameter information from the weaviate client in python?

While deploying weaviate container we provide aws information in terms of environment. Weaviate uses this in case if the backup type is S3. Following are few environments:

      ENABLE_MODULES: 'backup-filesystem,backup-s3'
      AWS_REGION: ''
      BACKUP_S3_BUCKET: ''
      BACKUP_S3_PATH: 'weaviate/backups/'

Now, If run this weaviate container and create a weaviate_client object using:
weaviate_client = weaviate.Client(url=url)

Is there any way I can extract the above environment information from weaviate somehow? I have another container which uses this weaviate client internally. This container also uses above environment variables and the exact same values. Is there any way to extract these variable information from weaviate?

Hi! Welcome to our community :hugs:

Unfortunately I am afraid those environment variables are not exposed in Weaviate server, so you can not get them thru the client.

Even if it exposed, you wouldn’t be able to pass those values to this second Weaviate server.

I believe you will need to have those configurations on a centralized place, then share with both servers.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile: