Recommendation system use ref2vec

I want to build a content base recommendation system using a vector database.
I used the text2vec module and then queried sentences with high similarity.
However, I see that weaviate also has a ref2vec module. I have read it but am not sure how to use it with my data set. Please help me if you know it.
My json data contains information about user questions including the following information fields:
user_id, user_name, question_id, content, subject_name, class_name, post_time, like_num

Hi! Welcome to our community :hugs:

Check this out:

I believe this project will giev you a guide on how to create a recommendation system and also use ref2vec.

let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

Yes, I read it
Can it run on Windows?

It can! if you run it using docker, it should be about the same.

Hi! There is no query in this code you shared.

Can you share a python notebook that reproduce this?