Sharding & Pricing in WCS

Hi, I would like to know more about sharding in weaviate.

Does pricing varies depending on the number of shards we create in WCS?
Actually how many nodes will be provided in WCS serverless standard?

Is there any way we could reconfigure sharding after loading data into the collection?

hi @Jegadeesh!

The price is only based on stored dimensions. So the number of shardings will not influentiate that calculation.

When you create a new cluster in WCS, you have the option to turn HA (High Availability) on. On that case, your cluster will have at least 3 nodes. If you create a collection that has a replica factor of 3, for example, that factor will influentiate the price calculation as the same vector will be stored 3 times.

So if you do not turn on HA, a standard instance will have only one node.

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks @DudaNogueira !
Is there any way we could configure sharding after loading data into a collection?

There isn’t for now.

You can only change the settings of a collection that is documented in the mutability list:

In our roadmap for 1.26 we have a planned feature called Dynamic Shards that will improve a lot of the sharding management, like draining nodes, etc.