Unable to setup payment for Weaviate Standard Cluster

Hello, I am trying to setup a standard cluster but I am getting an error that you need to provide billing address which I have already done. I have also tried entering my payment details few time, everytime its successful and I get a message that its being processed, but on the setting page I see that my payment details are still not processed. Can anyone help me with this

Hi @kgritesh ! Welcome to our community :hugs:

Is your email at WCS the same one used here on forums? I will need those in order to scale it to our team.

if not’s the case, please, DM me you WCS info (email or cluster URL).


Hi! I will answer you direcly in DM :slight_smile:

Hi Duda, Sorry for late reply. My email is ritesh@vertexcover.io. Same as one used for forum. I tried a second card as well and am still stuck. Can you help