WCS billing process explained

Hey Everyone :wave:

Iā€™d like to outline the current billing process for you and give you a glimpse into planned future changes.

Right now you will get an invoice outlining your costs sent to the email address you provided for your billing profile. The other details will be used for the invoice receiver printed on it, so it is advised to double check for correct information e.g. for tax reasons and similar.
Alongside that email you will get a payment link that you use to cover that invoice. This link is unique, tailored to you and enables you to pay via credit card.

In the future this process will change so that you will provide credit card information as part of the billing information setup. Every month all charges will be automatically made to that credit card without any manual interaction needed from your side. We will also offer a way for you to migrate to this new setup. Billing through payment links will stay active for historical profiles, but new or modified billing information will always be billed through the new process then.

The collection of payment information as well as the payment itself is done through our secure payment processor Mollie. At no point will Weaviate have direct access to your credit card information.


Hi @Glockenbeat

Maybe this should be a separate thread, but I was wondering if someone could explain WCS pricing as it pertains to monthly costs vs hourly costs.

For example, if I look at the pricing information here Weaviate - vector database I can see that creating and storing a 10m document index with the Standard tier may cost $384.00 for a month. But what if this 10m index only existed for 36 hours as opposed to an entire month? Would my monthly cost still be $384.00? It would be helpful to be able to calculate costs per hour if the pricing differs in scenarios like this.