Weaviate cli client


Hey there, I started working on an application called wecli, a CLI application and a client for Weaviate.

About a month ago, I asked a question on Slack about the Weaviate client in CLI but Duda Nogueira answered that it is not under development yet. Here is the link of the conversation.

I decided to work on this project in Golang using the Cobra framework.

Here is the repo link that I started working on.

I invite everyone, especially @etiennedi, @sebawita, and other people to contribute to this project by giving me ideas about API design and helping me grow this project more.

Thank you!

Hi @ibilalkayy

Thanks for sharing and for your interest in contributing!

Sorry for the lack of response in slack :grimacing:

What are your ideas for the cli?

I have one tool (well, a python script) that would like to get it out there.

Maybe your project is a good place for that: It is a script that will return a report of all collections and meta info of the cluster.

So object count (total, per class, per tenant), dimension size (getting the len of the first vector), PQ conf, segments, nodes and other infos.
This helps troubleshooting, as with one command you can retrieve a lot of data that could be used of reference.

The current state of the python client is that it is not under development for now, and some of the features and approaches (like configuration file for the Weaviate server) are deprecated.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @DudaNogueira,

I just started working on this application to perform every functionality of weaviate. I know it’s a broad term but I started with the intention to gain experience and build a valuable thing.

Here is the link: GitHub - ibilalkayy/wecli: This repository contains CLI client of Weaviate

I started contributing to Weaviate a month ago and I am still in the process of learning.

If you check my CLI application, currently it is connecting with wcs, downloading the dataset from Kaggle, unzipping it, and now I am working on building a schema. Still, I missed some resources to learn about it.

The documentation needs to be improved.

You can share the Python project if you want to; it will help me build the project quickly.

Brilliant - this would be really useful!

@systemz Yeah it would really be helpful and it won’t be possible without your all support.