Weaviate Deploying Issue

I am facing issue when deploying to dev server. it’s showing error as:
“weaviate.exceptions.WeaviateStartUpError: Weaviate did not start up in 5 seconds. Either the Weaviate URL http://localhost:9091 is wrong or Weaviate did not start up in the interval given in ‘startup_period’.”

I have tunnelled and used the weaviate in that created in server. It worked perfectly in local.

But when pushed to server the it’s showing the above error. What I need to change?

Any support will be appriciated.

Hi@ Welcome to our community :hugs:

How have you deployed it?

Deployed in azure server. Ubuntu OS

Ok, using docker or k8s? Have you followed some doc? Which one?


@Vysakh_T If you have initialized weaviate client in your script and given the url http://localhost:9091, then it wont work. Change the url to:


Given that you have mentioned the 9091 port in your docker compose file.