When will 1.25 be available on WCS and how to upgrade?

Hi, congrats on the 1.25 release.

I am about to create a managed cluster on WCS, and it shows the version that will be created is 1.24.12. So I assume 1.25 is not available on WCS yet.

I’d like to use the new groupBy with hybrid search.

I found this regarding upgrading on WCS: Upgrade a cluster | Weaviate - Vector Database

I’ve not seen the Update! button on any of my other clusters before so I don’t know how often you allow for updating. I have two sandbox clusters at 1.24.10 and 1.24.11 (and have had older ones that I’ve deleted) and never seen the update button.

Perhaps that’s because they’re sandbox clusters, or only minor versions below current?

I’d be happy to create a cluster now and update when 1.25 becomes available, but if the upgrade feature isn’t immediately available, then am I better off waiting until 1.25 is the default and create a new cluster?


hi @justin.godden !!

Thanks for using Weaviate and for your interest on latest features! I am sure you will love it :wink:

Our team is working the necessary steps do validate this new version.

We have asked internally to get some ETA. As soon as we get that answer, We’ll get back here.


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