[Question] Remove node from cluster

Is there any way to remove a node from a cluster?
After a node joins a cluster, the cluster hostname recorded by the cluster.
0. There are 3 machines (“node1”, “node2”, “node3”) in a cluster with replicas=3.

  1. remove a machine3 from the cluster (machine cluster hostname is “node3”)
  2. join another machine4 into the cluster (machine cluster hostname is “node4”)
    “node4” won’t have a replication since 3 replicas are expected on 1,2,3.

I can make this working by make the machine4 joining with cluster hostname “node3”. How can I make the cluster know “node3” is removed from the cluster intensionally? So I can join machine4 with cluster name “node4”.
The expected cluster config is node1, node2, node4 after the operations.

Right now, this is not advised or supported.

Our roadmap include some improvements on multinode, one of of which being RAFT and dynamic scaling, that will give us the ability for example of draining nodes, moving shards around and easily adding/removing nodes to a cluster.

Right now, the best path is to create your new cluster, and move your data around.

Let me know if this helps.