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the German Linux magazine is planning a focus on NoSQL databases for its upcoming issue 08/24. We would be delighted if we could introduce Weaviate to our readers in this context. For this reason we are looking for an author who could write such an article for us. It should explain what a vector databse is and what it does, why we need it and how it is to handle (preferable with a practical example). Is there anybody out there - a Weaviate employee or a experienced customer - who can help us and is willing to do so?

The article in question can be written in English and we will translate it into German. It should not be written in the style of a commercial, but should focus on technical aspects. The audience consists of IT professionals, so we don’t explain IT basics. We are thinking of 4 to 6 pages with about 4500 characters per page and some illustrations (screenshots, diagrams, photos, etc.). We will remunerate the effort at 80 euros/page. The deadline for submitting the article is June 5.

If you think you coud help, please contact me at:

many thanks in advance

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I will relay your message to our team!